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8035 Madison Ave., Suite E2, Citrus Heights, CA 95610
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Posted On: 01/07/2020 I keep coming back for nearly 2 decades now because I’m spoiled
This is the only place I trust opening my mouth to 😀
James S
Posted On: 02/08/2018 Have seen Dr.Trubshenc almost 30yrs,,He is the Best Dentist That I have ever had,Trust Him 100% ,Lisa Hern Lisa H
Posted On: 03/15/2016 I myself and 2 sons have been going to Dr.T for about 10 years and never a complaint. Only smiles and goals set in that office to achieve satisfaction with excellent care. The. Favorite patient!!

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Kevin M
Posted On: 09/15/2015 Dr. Trubschenck is the BEST and most gentle dentist, my family and myself has ever been to!! I also like that he always explains what he is doing. Very professional...
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Posted On: 06/15/2015 After struggling for 20 years to get dentures that are comfortable Dr. T. did it! They are working well. Thanks for the tuneup! I feel like that 1950 Mercedes all tuned up and ready for another 30+ years.

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David B
Posted On: 03/18/2015 A loooooooooong time patient!! With Doc's help I have kept my teeth years after I was told I'd need dentures by 40. I'm 66 an counting thanks to him and the staff. He always gives me all my options for treatment and respects whatever choice I make. They truly care about every patient!

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Rose K
Posted On: 10/01/2014 I've been going here my entire life, I would not even think about going to another dentist, from the time i was a small child to an adult everything has been great with care and professionalism.
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Laser M
Posted On: 09/04/2014 Dr Trubshenk is a wonderful dentist! His 'bedside manner' is outstanding. He goes out of his was to make sure that children understand what is happening, and that they are not afraid. He is kind and considerate always. His staff is just as friendly and kind as he is.

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Elena E
Posted On: 08/16/2014 I have been seeing Carl Trubschenk for my dental needs for well over a decade. I trust his hands and his advice more than any previous dentist in my life.
His well trained staff is a good sign of a well managed clinic.

Thumbs up,,,,,, Thumbs up !
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Jim S
Posted On: 06/26/2014 I meant 5 stars! Dr Trubschenck is AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC! He is polite, punctual, and best of all FUNNY! I can't say enough great things about him and his staff! Jennifer, his dental assistant had me cracking up even though they were pulling my teeth. I was so worried about getting my wisdom tooth out, but they made it a really great experience! Thanks SO MUCH! I will tell all my friends!
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Duchesss O
Posted On: 05/30/2014 First off, I rarely write reviews unless its for something horrible or outstanding. Dr. Trubschenck is by far the best Dentist I've ever gone to. He's got a great sense of humor and his entire office staff is on point! I went in knowing that I needed a bridge and some other significant work, and he was very patient and strategic with my situation. I am now able to chew on the right side of my mouth. I am so grateful and happy with the outcome of his work!
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Conrad C
Posted On: 05/30/2014 Dr T is probably the friendly dentist that I have ever been too. He takes time to explain what is going on in your mouth and what he is going to do and what I needed to do to improve. I don't think I have ever had a dentist who ever really cared enough about that to take the time to do that. I was way impressed and if you want a dentist, this is the guy to go to.
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Posted On: 05/21/2014 One stop shop for the whole family. Excellent care.
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Michelle G
Posted On: 05/09/2014 If it were possible, I would give Dr. Trubschenck ten stars! My review isn't based off of just one or two cleanings. I've gotten a range of procedures from: basic exams, x-rays, cleanings, several crowns, a bridge, and more - and that's how you know that this review isn't written arbitrarily. I've been with Dr. Trubschenck for almost 2 years now, and he always goes out of his way to ensure that I am VERY well taken care of. This includes follow up phone calls, prompt replies to my messages, I was even able to contact his staff after hours in order to tend to my post-dental work needs. This was above and beyond their usual friendly email & appointment reminders. I've grown to know the Trubschenck team and they're more than just a good dental office. Dr. Trubschenck and his staff truly are the BEST! Oh and don't forget to ask for Helen if you're getting your teeth cleaned. She's amazing! Patient Review From Google Plus Google Plus Review Conrad C
Posted On: 04/22/2014 I have known Dr. T for many years, but have just become reacquainted again, this time with me being a patient! The staff is very friendly, caring and professional. The office is beautiful! As one of the biggest dentalphobes on this planet, they made me feel at ease.

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Lala C
Posted On: 04/16/2014 I have worked with a number of dentists. I find Dr. Trubschneck very caring about his patients and will only provide the highest quality of service. I highly recommend Dr. Trubschneck. Greg S
Posted On: 03/20/2014 Great dentist! Nice technique, does great work.
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Jill C
Posted On: 12/29/2013 Fabulous people and a comfortable place to go
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Tiffany P
Posted On: 11/11/2013 I have been with Dr T since 1996. I couldn't be happier!
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Ryan K
Posted On: 10/31/2013 Great dentist! I have been going here for years and have always had wonderful experience! Everyone is nice and very friendly.

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P. S
Posted On: 01/16/2013 Look no further! Dr. Trubschenck is the PERFECT dentist! Very gentle, very professional, very ethical, excellent dentistry! Very FAIR PRICES in my opinion too! (insider pages)
Scott F
Posted On: 09/12/2012 So far so good! Everyone is nice and you get appointments fast. It's not cheap but you get what you paid for and after years of going with the 'cheap' clinics I still have issues that should of been taken care of and they didn't so now I have to do what I have to do.
The Dr is nice and funny, they make you feel welcomed and for the first time in my life I'm kind of exited to come back. I would recommend Dr Trubschenc 100%
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Endy C
Posted On: 06/01/2012 Dr. T is awesome!!! I felt way welcomed in his office and he was super nice! Usually I don't like the dentist, but he was clear with what he was doing and what I needed to get done. If there's a dentist that you want to go to and be fair with you, this is the guy. (insider pages)
Jason W
Posted On: 06/01/2012 Dr. Trubschenck and his staff members were extremely friendly and nice. They were really informative and did a wonderful job. Dr. Trubschenck especially was helpful in recommending me on certain things I should get treated on right away and things I could wait on. (insider pages)
Elyse K
Posted On: 06/01/2012 They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is very friendly and professional. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. (wellness.com)
Posted On: 05/31/2012 This is the dentist that you want to go to. He is way friendly and cares about the patient and what they actually need instead of trying to just make some money off of them. The staff is way friendly and helpful, made me feel welcome. Dr. Trubschenck took the time to explain to me my x-rays and what was going on with them. Never had a dentist do that before. You can tell this guy loves what he does. You want a passionate dentist, this is your man.
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Posted On: 04/13/2012 Practically everyone in our office has Dr. Trubschenck as their dentist! He is so gentle and caring for our families. We love him and his office staff! :) (www.vitals.com)

Posted On: 04/13/2012 A wonderful, gentle and honest dentist! I'm so glad to have found him! Good dentists are getting hard to find with so many scary offices setting up. My family and friends love Dr. Trubschenck too! I HIGHLY recommend him!
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Posted On: 09/19/2011 I love My Dentist! Dr. Trubschenck is caring and has made my smile beautiful. He has been wonderful for me and for my family and friends. I would recommend Dr. T in a heart beat. (insider pages)
Tricia K
Posted On: 07/13/2011 I just met Dr. Trubschenck and his office staff. What a pleasant surprise!
I've never had a dentist that was willing to spend so much time teaching me about my teeth and the treatment I need.
In these scary times of trying to find a dentist that is kind and honest, THIS office is truly a Godsend. I'm going to tell my friends, and have my family switch to him. (insider pages)
Katie M
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