Time is running out!

Use It Or Lose It!

The end of the year is swiftly approaching which means your dental benefits for this year are coming to an end. We are urging patients to schedule an appointment with us before the years end. Have you forgotten to make time for your dental cleaning? Have you been suffering with some pain in your mouth? Maybe you have yet to have your dental x-rays for the year? No matter what the case, give our office a call so we can get you an appointment scheduled as soon as possible.

Come and see us:

  • To use your dental benefits
  • Before your new deductibles start
  • Before your maximums run out
  • To use the rest of your flexible spending benefits

Use your dental insurance coverage or lose it!


"I've been going here my entire life, I would not even think about going to another dentist, from the time i was a small child to an adult everything has been great with care and professionalism."

Don't miss out!
Deadline is the end of the year!